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Brooklyn Nets: The “Blueprint” Of Dysfunction!

As of this writing, the Brooklyn Nets are 9-22 and will not sniff the playoffs this year. It has been a year filled with injuries, communication problems, and rumors of Lionel Hollins being fired almost every week.

The dysfunction and stability of this franchise has been a source of concern (and entertaining drama based on how you look at it) that will go on for the near future. With the piling losses, the questionable rotation patterns, the ridiculous free reign Jarrett Jack has running the point, and the Brooklyn Nets have entrenched themselves at the bottom of the league. I mean, if it wasn’t for the Philadelphia 76ers, the Nets would be team that would the laughingstock of the NBA.

But if anyone has noticed, the Brooklyn Nets have major impact on other teams in the NBA. Have you noticed that a loss to the Nets brings out real issues to other teams? Here’s some examples…

1.) Houston Rockets

Tell the truth, you didn’t see the first win of the season coming against the Western Conference finalists, the Houston Rockets. Even if you are the most hardened Nets fan in the world, you couldn’t have seen it happening on the road.

The Nets’ franchise worst start of 0-18 got to stand another year when Brooklyn went to Houston and beat them, 106-98. It wasn’t a fluke, as the Nets beat them in the Barclays Center again to complete the sweep. But let’s take a look at what has happened to the Rockets.

Shortly after the loss, the Rockets fired Kevin McHale, stating that they “needed a new voice”. It was no secret that the Rockets were totally awful on defense and it showed in their losses to the Nets. Despite Dwight Howard manning the middle, the Nets did a better job on the boards. Shane Larkin had a coming-out party, picking up the slack for Jarrett Jack who had a terrible game. How about that defense for the Nets? The Rockets scored two points in the last 3:18 of the game. Overall the Nets outscored Houston 27-15 in the last frame. What collapse?

Since then, there have been reports of players that are upset about James Harden and his selfish play and aloofness. This is especially evident on defense. Remember when Harden was supposed to be MVP last year and not Stephen Curry? Well there’s no debate these days.

How about Dwight Howard? It was rumored that he wasn’t especially happy with James Harden and his role in the offense. Other rumors had him linked to a trade to the Miami Heat. It has been confirmed by numerous sources including ESPN that Howard will opt out of his contract at the end of the year.

Finally, interim head coach J.B. Bickerstaff called out his team recently, stating that they are “disrespecting the game.”

It doesn’t stop there. How about we take things to the Eastern Conference…

2.) Chicago Bulls

To be honest, the Chicago Bulls have always had their fair share of dysfunction. They fire Tom Thibodeau and replace him with a college coach, Fred Hoiberg from Iowa State. It’s Groundhog Day all over again. Remember the title years? The Bulls fired Phil Jackson and replaced him with Tim Floyd… from Iowa State.

Going into the game against Brooklyn, Jimmy Butler called out Hoiberg for his coaching style. He said that he wasn’t coaching hard enough and holding players accountable (Boy, that sounds familiar in Brooklyn circles). Well that really worked out. The Brooklyn Nets came to the United Center (what’s with these road wins?) and upset the Bulls. Joakim Noah injured his shoulder and hasn’t been seen since.

Since that loss, the roars have gotten louder that Jimmy Butler is becoming public enemy number one in the Bulls locker room. His leadership has been questioned and the rumored feud between Butler and Derrick Rose has gained strength.

As for trades, who has the time to run through all of them. But the most ridiculous trade rumor of them all has been Jimmy Butler being traded to Houston for… James Harden. See the dysfunction? Keep reading.

3.) Phoenix Suns

Another Brooklyn Nets upset. On the road. After the Nets beat the Suns, there have been rampant rumors that head coach Jeff Hornacek is as good as fired. As of this week, some assistant coaches on his staff have already been fired.

Markieff Morris showed his respect for Hornacek’s coaching this year by recently channeling his Robert Horry and throwing a towel in his coach’s face. Ugh! After his two-game suspension and pending trade out of town, can’t you just see the dysfunction?

What’s worse, the Phoenix Suns became the second team to lose to the Philadelphia 76ers, at home, with the Sixers bringing in a point guard in Ish Smith fresh off the plane, without having a clue on what the offensive scheme is.

Finally on a sad note, Eric Bledsoe is out for the season with a torn ACL.

Now after reading this and listening to all the chaos behind the scenes with the Brooklyn Nets, remember this…

Misery loves company.