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Recap: Nets 98, Rockets 102

The Nets Nets’d pretty hard tonight. Even a Dwight-less Rockets team isn’t an easy win by any stretch for this Brooklyn club, but after leading all game and by double-digits at multiple points, to blow it all in the final minutes? Yikes.

Houston got off to a dreadful start, looking completely out of sorts defensively in the first half. Brooklyn got everything it wanted, to the point where no subs were made all quarter. All. Quarter. In typical Nets fashion, the second quarter was less of a breeze, allowing the Rockets to get back in the game. The Nets would regain control, though, and keep it heading into the final stanza of the game where Houston came back and held off Brooklyn from making any last-chance game-saving plays.

The Nets transition defense was awful all night and right now Cory Jefferson and Markel Brown look like their saviors. So all’s well.



Joe Johnson: Johnson started the game so well I was ready to proclaim that he’s ready to go on a month-long tear against big men matched up with him. Then, things regressed. He struggled to defend the bigger Terrence Jones and his scoring suffered as time went on as well. He finished 5-13 from the field for 13 points, but also talked on nine rebounds and six dimes. C+

Mason Plumlee: Poor D-Mo struggled to stop Plumlee on this night. Mase scored 15 points on 7-10 shooting and did solid work on the defensive end, but foul trouble and ineffectiveness on the glass kept him out of the game down the stretch. B-

Deron Williams: Never a good night when Williams only racks up three dimes, a number fewer than his total rebounds on the game. His shooting was poor as well, scoring 15 points on 15 shots. D+

Alan Anderson: Starting this man however long ago was such a good move. Such a good move. He’s continued to pick his spots offensively and play decent wing defense. Scored 13 tonight on 4-6 shooting from the field. Keep it up, AA. A-

Markel Brown: Can I coin #MarkelSanity? He had far from a great game but he did check Harden tight and just oozes energy all over the court. He’s been a welcome addition to the starting lineup. Points off for no 360 dunk tonight, though. B

Thaddeus Young: Still scoring. All day everyday. Nine points on 4-7 shooting with a three. Would really like to try him out in the starting five already, though. B

Brook Lopez: Poor, poor shooting effort, but at least Lopez collected 12 rebounds in his 22 minutes out there. C+

Jarrett Jack: 2-9 from the field, four turnovers in 23 minutes. Let’s not have that again, please. F

Cory Jefferson: +5 in ten minutes despite an otherwise quiet stat line. Maybe he should get more minutes? B

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