Brooklyn's Finest Kicks

Brooklyn’s Finest Kicks - November 2014

Here at Brooklyn’s Finest we strive to provide our audience with in-depth analysis of all kinds of Nets happenings throughout the season. With that being said, I am excited to announce that I have accrued a few sources. Sources which will allow me to report on a topic of the utmost importance.

The sources? Alright, I’ll admit it; I have no sources.

But I do have an important topic. Brooklyn’s. Finest. Kicks.

Each month I will assess the sneakers worn on court by the Nets, ultimately determining a top five that will be showcased here on the site. While the team’s black and white color scheme won’t always allow for the most outlandish colorways, there certainly will be a fair share of clean kicks.

I am human though and I might not always be aware when a noteworthy pair has been worn. So for those interested, feel free to email me (Jdbriggs11[at]yahoo[dot]com) or tweet me (@JeremyBriggs_) if you ever have a suggestion. Y’all can keep me and my Nike bias in check.

Without further ado…

5) A Kevin Garnett Anta player exclusive. Worn on November 9th against the Magic.

It’s rather impressive that 38 year-old Kevin Garnett has his own line of sneakers. His shoes are even sold on the same website as the signature sneaker of NBA legend Darnell Jackson. Wait… Regardless, peep the KG/Two-face logo on the tongue. Incredible.






4) Jarrett Jack’s Nike Kobe 9 “Beethoven” sneakers. Worn on November 19th against the Bucks.

Jarrett Jack figures to be a mainstay in this monthly kicks column. With a collection of over 1,500 sneakers to choose from, he has no excuse not to be.







3) Jarrett Jack again. This time in one of his many Nike KD 7 ID’s. Worn on November 17th against the Heat.

Whether in Golden State, Cleveland, or Brooklyn, Jarrett has continuously taken advantage of the NikeID feature. Rather than just create a simple black/white pair, Jarrett added what appears to be a camouflage outsole and an interesting design on the swoosh logo. Not bad.






2) Joe Johnson in the “Playoff” Jordan 8. Worn on November 7th against the Knicks.

While Joe’s style of play isn’t always the most exciting, his shoe selection certainly doesn’t reflect this. He mixes in the occasional Retro Jordan, like these 8’s, along with plenty of Jordan player exclusives. Expect Joe to be a constant feature in this column as well.






1) Joe Johnson in the “Concord” Jordan 11 lows. Worn on November 3rd against the Thunder.

As I said, expect a lot of Joe Johnson. Here he is rocking another clean Jordan.








With the holiday season upon us, I’ll be looking forward to some interesting Christmas themed kicks for December. Hopefully some other members of the Nets will step up so that Jarrett and Joe don’t have to carry this column every month.

As was mentioned earlier, feel free to email/tweet me any Nets kicks that you would like to suggest.

Thanks and credit to KeezOnSports for the images.