What we’re thankful for this Thanksgiving

In case you weren’t aware, Thanksgiving is among us. And so, I took the liberty of asking the Brooklyn’s Finest staff what Nets-related things they’re thankful for this year. Here are the responses.

“I am thankful for Mirza Teletovic being a fun player on this otherwise boring team. Also, his name is super cool.” - Austin Reynolds.

“I am thankful that Brooklyn isn’t the Sixers. Or the Knicks for that matter.” - David Vertsberger

“I am thankful that Lionel Hollins has not yet gone crazy and killed someone on the sideline yet. I am also thankful that Deron Williams still has amazing handles.” - Jonah Jordan

“I am thankful that Brook Lopez isn’t out for the season… yet.” - Nick Huth

“I’m thankful for Ryan Ruocco guessing all 5 of Mike Fratello’s drawings and the best broadcast team in the league.” - John Maze

“It’s not Thanksgiving in Canada but I am thankful Andrei Kirilenko is on the trade block.” - Jack Moore

“I am thankful for the Nets interior defense. It’s an almost constant source of amusement and allows viewers to play the game ‘What the Hell are They Looking At?'” - Brian McNichols

“I’m thankful for ‘Iso Joe’ endgames being so ingrained in the Nets DNA that is provided us the delightful bit of trolling from Jason Kidd in the second overtime against Milwaukee. I’m also thankful for Mikhail Prokhorov’s general existence as it is a constant source of joy for all people.” - Josh Koebert

“I’m thankful for Bojan, at least when he plays at home.” - Paul Mitchell

“I am thankful for Jarrett Jack recapturing his ability to be a more than competent backup point guard.” - Jeremy Briggs

“I’m thankful they are in Brooklyn and not New Jersey.” - Brady Jennings