Allow me to re-introduce myself

My name is Verts, D-A-V to the I-D

I used to basketblog back in NYC

I guess starting now you can call me

CEO of the Brooklyn’s Finest, yo!

Fresh out the fryin’ pan into the fire

We’ll be the Nets content number one supplier

Flyer than a piece of paper bearin’ our name

Got the hottest blog in the game, stay out our lane

Okay, enough of that.

Hello there! In case you couldn’t tell by my dope (note: not dope whatsoever) rhymes, my name is David Vertsberger and I’m the proud new owner of Brooklyn’s Finest blog. I was born in Brooklyn and have lived in the borough ever since. When the Nets first moved to Brooklyn, I was giddy as could be despite my allegiance to the Knicks. My borough had an NBA team! How could I not have a soft spot for them? So when the opportunity of running the Truehoop Network’s Brooklyn Nets affiliate blog appeared, there was no way I could pass it up.

Today is our re-launch, and aside from this little “Hello Brooklyn!” message we’ve got some words for you to read! Brian McNichols gives you Brooklyn’s possible scenarios this season, Paul Mitchell breaks down the small forward position, Kevin Echavarria looks at how Jarrett Jack will do in Shaun Livingston’s place, Jeremy Briggs talks about health, John Mazlish proposes a multitude of different lineups, Kenny Garner argues the Nets will miss Andray Blatche, Nick Huth gives the young bloods some attention, and the staff makes their season predictions.

Our goal is to continue bringing the best in Brooklyn Nets coverage, with game recaps, analysis, and weekly columns. Every month, Jeremy Briggs will give you a look inside what kicks the Nets are rocking. Every couple of weeks, Austin Reynolds is going to examine a recent trend of the squad, good or bad. We’ll also have a weekly mailbag from Jonah Jordan, which you can start e-mailing questions to here: bknmailbag[at][dot]com.

All this plus frequent posts analyzing the Nets year round, new columns being implemented and a killer podcast on its way. Welcome to Brooklyn’s Finest, where we hope to live up to the name.