Here We Go, Yo. So What’s the Nets Scenario?

As an NBA fan, the start of every season is like standing at the end of a long hallway lined with doors opening into infinite possibility. As you progress with your favorite team down the hall, you may encounter a door hiding a serious injury, or a door with a budding superstar, or maybe a door with Wonka Fizzy Lifting Drink (just don’t lick the wallpaper in the hall, you don’t want to know what NBA players use it for in the offseason).

Everyone loves that feeling of hope that comes with not knowing exactly what’s behind those doors. Even if you don’t think your team will be any good there is that slim chance that a draft pick will work out, or a new coach will motivate the team, thus allowing you to carry over some hope to next season. Unfortunately, much of the season can feel like you’re playing Let’s Make a Deal with that hallway of doors, where things constantly change and you’re hoping you don’t end up with a donkey (or worse… Andrea Bargnani).

Well Nets fans are particularly in luck, because I have crunched the numbers while trying not to crunch the bones in Brook Lopez’ foot (sorry, not working so far) and have worked out some likely scenarios for Brooklyn in the 2014-15 season. So let’s start opening doors and look at what I am considering the variables on this year’s Nets team. Read More


BK’s Finest 2014-2015 season predictions

10 different members of our Brooklyn’s Finest staff have come up with their quick predictions on how the Nets will do this season. Ranging from 82-0 to 0-82, here are the quick hitting forecasts for the upcoming season. Read More


Let’s talk Nets lineups

Last year the Nets helped make a name for themselves by throwing out some of the strangest and most creative lineup combinations of anyone across the league. After Brook Lopez went down with injury, coach Kidd was forced to transition to a small-ball lineup with Paul Pierce at the power forward slot along with either Mason Plumlee or Kevin Garnett in the frontcourt. The small-ball attack revitalized the Nets’ season, and in taking advantage of their versatile roster (Joe Johnson, Mirza Teletovic, Shaun Livingston, etc.) the Nets were able to space the floor and attack mismatches. This year, some of that flexibility and shifting will be lost with the departure of Pierce and Livingston and with Lopez returning to the fold. However, the trio of Lopez, KG, and Plumlee along with the returning wings and newcomers like Bojan Bogdanovic and Jarrett Jack present some intriguing possibilities. Here is a sampling of a few lineups the Nets might use this year, and some that would just provoke all of the giggles. Read More