Expect a pair of returns from Johnson & Humphries

First off: Joe Johnson announced he’ll “definitely” play on Sunday, which is nice to hear. The team was more offensively efficient when he was off the court on Tuesday, but whole “playing against a bottom 5 defense” thing makes expecting the same come with some extreme caveats. As Buddy Grizzard broke down yesterday, Johnson has been great in crunch time this season—something the Nets will need as they make this final seeding push.

From the same article, Kris Humphries should be making his rotation return “sooner rather than later.” Mirza Teletovic, the man who got most of his minutes, has been a mixed bag: He’s shooting a perfect 33% from three-point range, where he was expected to do most of his damage, and his defense is still a work-in-progress. You’ll have to trust me on this without the video evidence (coming soon to a blog post near you), but he often appears like he’s still learning the pace and tendencies of the game. (Plus, I just can’t figure out his grooming decisions.) Let’s hope P.J. tries more of the Blatche-Brook combo, which worked to some effect in Tuesday’s win, rather than leaping right back to the old way of things.