Unsurprisingly, Carlesimo sticks with Teletovic

From the New York Post, regarding Mirza Teletovic’s ascendance in the rotation over Kris Humphries: “Carlesimo said he expects to try this out through at least the next four or five games, and then go from there.” (Humphries “politely” declined to make himself available for comment.) “There’s just no way we can get Mirza 12, 15, 18, 20 minutes without taking one of the guys out,” Carlesimo told the Post. “Whoever I took out, it wouldn’t be fair, but it’s just reality.”

As I wrote in the recap of last night’s game, Teletovic’s theoretical three-ball prowess opens up the perimeter in a way that Humphries simply couldn’t—and though we’ll need more evidence than a blowout against the Bobcats, it’s hard to argue with the immediate results.