Weekend Roundup: Andray Blatche on Andray Blatche, Joe Johnson on Atlanta, Deron Williams on Ankles

A few things from the weekend before we head into tonight’s game against Atlanta:

° For whatever reason, Andray Blatche’s explanation of his shot-taking preferences in this interview with ESPN New York makes me laugh: After noting that his favorite move is “a straight snatchback”—where he goes right, snatches the ball back with a crossover, then takes a fadeaway—he says that the move is here to say, despite what coaches may want. “P.J. (Carlesimo) didn’t like it for a little bit, but who didn’t like it the most? I want to say somebody couldn’t stand it. Randy Wittman. He couldn’t stand it,” he said. “But it’s part of my game, and I gotta do what I gotta do.” Every team gets the J.R. Smith it deserves. He also noted he’d like to stay with the Nets, though the money might be kind of tricky.

° At Saturday’s practice at the Nets Center, Joe Johnson was asked if the chance to win the season series against Atlanta means anything. His plainspoken answer: “No, it does not. It does nothing for me.” Some players—Kobe, cough—are fairly heart-on-sleeve when it comes to discussing their motivation for specific games but if Johnson is feeling any different about his former team, he’s pretty good at keeping it under wraps.

° Also from the practice, Deron Williams talked for a little bit about his slow start to the season. The big problem: His ankles “felt like s—.” Fair enough!

° P.J. Carlesimo was also non-committal on whether Kris Humphries will soon rejoin the rotation, saying we’d just have to watch. Reports from today’s shootaround, though, seem to put the odds against a sighting during tonight’s game.