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Brooklyn Nets Rumors: Prokhorov Doesn’t Know Sean Marks?

I’m going to give Nets fans some advice going forward for the rest of the year. Anything you hear about the Brooklyn Nets from now on should be filed under Brooklyn Nets rumors. Period. Even if it has already happened, you need to wait at least three days and pinch yourself to see if it is really true.

After last night, I am starting to realize that Brooklyn’s Finest is starting to get the Brooklyn Nets without having a clue about the Brooklyn Nets.

Sound confusing? Let me explain.

When the news came down about the Brooklyn Nets offering the General Manager job to San Antonio Assistant GM, Sean Marks, I emailed my Editor-In-Chief, Paul Mitchell about the plan of coverage. We talked about it for about two seconds and spent more time talking about the Tobias Harris trade.

Why? Because we both know that the Harris trade is somewhat legit.

Well, welcome to another episode of the Brooklyn Nets being the Brooklyn Nets.

On Tuesday, Adrian Wojnarowski, the guru of reliable sources in the NBA, reported that Sean Marks was offered the GM job by the Brooklyn Nets.

That was Tuesday.

On Wednesday, there are numerous reports that Sean Marks may not accept the job, led by Tim Bontemps on Twitter…

“Multiple people around the league have said Sean Marks has passed on Nets GM job. When asked about it directly, the Nets declined comment.”

ESPN’s Mike Mazzeo and Marc Stein sees a sliver of hope however…

“There is growing concern within the Nets organization that they will be unable to lure their preferred general manager candidate, Sean Marks, from the San Antonio Spurs, according to league sources.”

Check out what Brooklyn’s Finest’s Ronald Agers said on the situation…

 “It is been hinted at for the last few years that Gregg Popovich would retire and step away right along with Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobli. Along with Tony Parker these men have enjoyed a ton of success together and built the Spurs organization as the best run team in the NBA, top to bottom.

To say the Brooklyn Nets have had a couple of issues with how the organization has been run the last few years is being kind. Let’s be clear here, Marks has been with a organization that has been run like a well-oiled machine for the last 20 years. The Nets can’t piece together 20 years in their entire existence. That includes the New York Nets with Julius Erving.

It’s going to be interesting to see if Sean Marks goes in and takes a long look at the road ahead for this franchise. It is going to be a MAJOR culture shock for Marks leaving the Spurs for the Nets, especially with no GM experience.

If the Spurs bring out the big guns and offer a better deal down the road (It’s the Spurs! Whatever they offer is gold in most NBA pundits book), don’t be surprised if Marks takes it and stays. But the job right now is his to take at this point.”

Bear with me using my own quotes for an article, but it will apply in this situation. Read it again slowly if you like, because reading between the lines tells you all need to know about this situation.

The Brooklyn Nets wanted Sean Marks. However, Sean Marks did not want the Brooklyn Nets.

The point is about stability between the franchises. San Antonio has the stability of Mount Everest, Brooklyn has the stability of an active volcano.

Starting at the top.

Wednesday marked the  opening of the Nets $50-million training facility. It was supposed to be the topic of the day with a new GM in place. Since the Sean Marks situation threw a monkey wrench in those plans, the questions were not on the building, but the GM situation.

When Mikhail Prokhorov was asked about Sean Marks, he basically showed the world why Marks has doubts the size of Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s NBA scoring portfolio. Well let me let some others tell it on Twitter…

Andy Vasquez, what do you have?

When asked specifically about Sean Marks, Prokhorov said: “I have never heard this name before.”

Anthony Puccio?

“Mikhail Prokhorov says the job was not offered to Sean Marks”

Zach Lowe sums it all right here…

See…this is the kind of thing you probably just shouldn’t say. There is no reading of this that is good/flattering.

Mr. Lowe is exactly right. Here’s why. I’m going to assume that Prokhorov DOES know who Sean Marks is (HUGE ASSUMPTION HERE!) unless NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, needs to have another conversation with the Russian owner. This is not the way you do business. Forbes has already pointed that out in spades. Marks is working with the blueprint of NBA success in the San Antonio Spurs, there is no way Marks or any qualified GM candidate with options will put up with this chaos.

Marks’s boss is R.C. Buford, the GM of the San Antonio Spurs. Buford is also close friends with Sergey Kuschencko, who is on the GM search committee. Prokhorov HAS to know him. If not, his quote courtesy of Anthony Puccio’s Twitter feed is complete garbage, or just delusional…

Prokhorov also says he will stay in the states until the GM is decided #Nets

But here’s something to think about. Lionel Hollins, remember him? He was hired under the same suspicious circumstances. Hollins was reported to never have even MET Prohorov before he was hired. Why, because Billy King had to quickly distance the franchise from the Jason Kidd fiasco and avoid further embarrassment.

The point is after all this time, with the NBA trading deadline on Thursday at 3:00 pm, the Brooklyn Nets STILL - all together now…


This is badoodles.

Mikhail Prokhorov did mention that it would be about a week until a GM is in place.

Do I believe him?

I’m going to let Tim Bontemps close it out, no better words can be said…

“Given what’s happened so far it’s impossible to rule anything out as far as what’s next for the Nets. Always an adventure here in Brooklyn.”

He ain’t lying.