Brooklyn Nets Play “Jersey Shore” Ball In Boston

Sometimes when you cover a team, you don’t actually a recap… you just rant. The Brooklyn Nets getting beat down in “Beantown” is definitely one of those games. The Boston Celtics, who stole Brooklyn’s future half decade away in draft picks, got the Nets’ dignity too, winning 120-95 on Friday night. Let’s be clear, folks, the Brooklyn Nets have hit rock bottom. How bad are things in Brooklyn? I think the NBA has forgotten that the Philadelphia 76ers are on a 24-game losing streak. Rumors of Lionel Hollins being replaced by Randy Ayers that were floating are probably circling the dead carcass that is this team at the moment. The game was a complete portrait of how the Boston Celtics embarrassed this franchise on the floor and in the executive offices. For a complete recap please check out Paul Mitchell’s piece on the game.

As bad as this game was, I’m nominating him for employee of the month. Please support his piece. Man does he deserve it.

This team reminded everyone of what the Nets used to be… IN NEW JERSEY. Man, Derrick Coleman is rolling over in his grave right now!

The Brooklyn Nets should have come out the gate with something to prove. They had played well as of late and beaten a couple of good teams in the Houston Rockets and the Atlanta Hawks. I mean, the Nets came the closest to beating the undefeated Golden State Warriors. It looked like the Nets were turning the corner.

It was dead end street in Boston. The game, the team, and the future.

This season wouldn’t be so daunting if the Nets had a draft pick to sell to fans to be patient. Someone like LSU’s Ben Simmons, perhaps?

This topic is so huge, is breaking down the trade.

I’ll bet Danny Ainge won’t have that problem reminiscing. Shoot, the Boston Celtics fans REMINDED the Nets of that fact.

Let me paint the picture for everyone…the game is over like when the ball was tossed in the air to start the game and you hear this…

“Brooklyn draft picks!” “Brooklyn draft picks”

Nets fans, it’s time to face facts. It’s time for Lionel Hollins to go. He needs to be fired ASAP. Billy King needs to join him. The Brooklyn Nets basically quit after the first quarter.

No team in the NBA should allow a team to shoot an absurd 86% from the field like the Celtics did in the second quarter. The Boston Celtics scored 43 points in the second frame, which outscored the Nets by one for the entire half. The Celtics had 23 assists which helped them in the paint, scoring 38 by halftime. The Nets never hit double figures until the second half.

Jae Crowder dominated the Nets to the tune of 17 of his 19 points in the first half. David Lee had 11 points on 5/5 shooting. Avery Bradley finished with 21 points and Isaiah Thomas finished with 18 points.

Brook Lopez scored 14 points and grabbed seven rebounds while being harassed with double teams the entire night. Thaddeus Young had a double double with 14 points and 10 rebounds. It marked his fourth double double of the season. Rondae Hollis Jefferson also had a double double with 13 points and 11 rebounds but he turned the ball over five times.

Okay, the question that has to be asked is why does Lionel Hollins continue to play Jarrett Jack when he is playing poorly? Jack had six almost comical turnovers in the first half (seven overall) and shot 3/8 for the game. Now Shane Larkin, the backup point guard, was one of only two Nets (Brook Lopez being the other) who shot over 50 percent from the field. Now both point guards got lit up in this game, but the body language of the two were vastly different. Shane Larkin gave the effort to close out on the shooters. Jarrett Jack gave just about as much effort as hard boiling an egg in a microwave. It’s one thing to get beat, but Jack quit. It will be very interesting if you see “Deron Williams lite” coming from Jarrett Jack. Is there issues in the locker room? We’ll see.

There was a Sergey Karasev sighting! You know the Russian player? Google him. Well, he got to actually play in this game. It happens one day after his father tells a Russian paper that Karasev wants to be traded out of Brooklyn. Well, Sergey, you only have to wait about six months and it really won’t matter, because they are going to let you go anyway.

The more disturbing issue that Karasev’s father told the paper is that the team is in total disarray. In other news, the sky is blue and water is wet. Sergey denied the claims (Sure, Sergey) and insisted he’s cool in Brooklyn. But Lionel Hollins watching Jarrett Jack stink up the entire city of Boston before allowing Karasev 24 minutes of playing time doesn’t show functionality. Doesn’t it remind you of a little league team, when the father screams at the coach and his son gets to play all of a sudden?

Maybe the Nets will show up on Sunday. If not, the Lionel Hollins watch will definitely be on.