Some potential Nets trades

The Nets are holding are holding a fire sale and EVERYONE MUST GO!

ESPN has reported that Brooklyn has placed their (not-so) “Big 3″ on the trading block after a less than impressive 8-11 start. I think it has become increasingly apparent that this core cannot contend for a championship or maybe even a playoff spot so they decided it’s time for some changes.

There are several problems with trading Brook Lopez, Deron WIlliams and Joe Johnson. The three players make a combined $58.7 million this year which makes them the highest paid trio in the NBA. Each player has a huge contract with two or more years on it and few teams would be interested in contracts of this length and size. On top of the huge contracts Brooklyn has no first round draft picks until 2019.

Billy King’s plan should be to receive cost effective talent for whichever of the three he sends out. This is a tough task for the likes of Masai Ujiri, let alone the one that has gotten Brooklyn into this mess with his recklessness.

Here are three trades that I think work for the Nets.

1. Bring “Born Ready” home

Nets receive:

Lance Stephenson

Marvin Williams

Gary Neal

Charlotte Hornets receive:

Joe Johnson

It’s time for another homecoming in the NBA. No not Kevin Durant to Washington. It’s Lance Stephenson’s time. Born Ready can return to the comfort of the city that he grew up in and have his own team for the first time in his career. A backcourt of Stephenson and Deron Williams is talented and younger. I think the Lionel Hollins/Born Ready marriage would be beneficial for both sides. Both are… out there and love defense. Could be a match made in heaven.

A struggling Charlotte squad gets the guard that can spread the floor and will help the Hornets get to the playoffs. His shooting would immediately help the struggling Hornets offense. Ridding them of Marvin Williams and Gary Neal opens up playing time for younger and possibly better players in Noah Vonleh and Gerald Henderson. Considering how unhappy the Hornets look and how bad they are right now they’re in position to make a panic deal.

2. Motor City gets its point guard

Brooklyn receives:

Brandon Jennings

Josh Smith

Detroit receives:

Deron Williams

A trade with the Detroit Pistons makes too much sense not to happen. Both teams have under achieved and are looking to improve. The Pistons could move towards an offense preferred by new head coach Stan Van Gundy with this deal. Williams is much more of a point guard than Jennings, one that can open up Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe’s games. An underrated part of this deal is that this could put the Pistons in a better position to keep Monroe this offseason.

Lionel Hollins could possible teach Josh Smith how to maximize his athleticism and scare convince him into not shooting threes. Smith would slide back into his natural power forward slot next to Brook Lopez. The athletic forward could make up for the defensive lapses Lopez brings. Acquiring Brandon Jennigs is a little tricky. I’m not sure if Lionel Hollins could develop him like he developed Mike Conley. The 25-year-old point guard and Hollins could clash from day one.

3. Kobe acquires a sidekick

Brooklyn receives:

Jordan Hill

Steve Nash’s expiring contract

Houston’s protected 2015 first round pick

Los Angeles receives:

Brook Lopez

This wouldn’t be the first time that the Nets and Lakers have been tied together in a deal for Lopez. He has reportedly been a target of the Lakers for a few seasons. I think it’s about time the Lakers made a trade.. They are historically bad team and Kobe Bryant is… not happy. I think the Lakers are going to make a panic move to try and “compete” now and definitely have a piece next year.

Brooklyn doesn’t get the talent it wants in this deal, but it does get cap space and a draft pick this year. Both of those things are something they don’t have now. Jordan Hill is a good piece as well. He’s a strong rebounder and has extended his range a bit, but he isn’t the answer to Brooklyn’s issues. This move is all about the future for the Nets. That cap space could be used to sign a quality player this offseason, and the pick is desperately needed.