We’re wild for this wild KG & Pierce to BK rumor



There are lots of questions about this one: the level of interest on both sides, whether Kevin Garnett would be willing to waive his no-trade clause, whether the inclusion of Gerald Wallace’s onerous contract would be a deal-breaker (if Boston is trying to clear cap space, this is a funny way to do it)—beyond that, how KG and Pierce would fit into Jason Kidd’s intent to play uptempo, how Deron Williams would react to having his leadership role essentially split into thirds, whether KG would murder Andray Blatche if left alone with him for more than twenty minutes, whether the Nets should close off their future growth for the chance to open this championship window.

But beyond that? Yes, of course you do this. Deron-Joe-Pierce-KG-Lopez, if healthy and congealed and running—and these aren’t players who’ve typically clashed with their teammates in the past—is an ECF-ready lineup that could seriously challenge the Heat if filled out with the right bench. Best case scenario is that everything comes together and they get to that championship level; worst case, they don’t and KG/Pierce come off the books next year. On the other hand, Boston is betting that Brooklyn would totally drop off after that window closes, meaning those three first round picks would become hugely valuable in the future—and it would definitely be the future, since a team can’t trade first round picks in consecutive years. That would probably suck, to watch a depleted, pickless roster scamper about. On the other hand, KG and Pierce! Fun fun fun. Dibs on being the first one to take KG to a DIY space.